samedi 29 mars 2014

Douceur printanière

Morceau : "Summer light" de Prairie Empire

Une voix pareille accompagnée d'un ukulele, quoi de plus agréable en ce weekend ?

Profitez en bien !

"Summer light" de Prairie Empire (At the Space, 2012)

"The sheer emotive power of her voice, whether it be a whisper or a fiery, crackling, pull-on-your-heart-strings sort-of-yodel, captures a pain that everyone has experienced but only few can recreate. During "Snow," Ashford's voice dances on the verge of tears... and then out of left field a trumpet sounds. At this point I'm not sure what else this band could possibly throw in to make its live show more entertaining, and looking around the Beat it seems as if everyone else is also on the edge of their seats."  (extrait du Las Vegas Weekly)

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